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Questions & Answers

No. We may need to call you to determine the harmony section in which you’d be most comfortable.

Yes. Laura Lang is a well known and popular singing instructor. Lessons are always a good idea, to either improve your singing experience with Sing City, or as a soloist. Please see Voice Lessons.


  • We always need soloists in Sing City plus at every rehearsal there is an opportunity to perform for the rest of the choir at our break.
  • We have a smaller more advanced choir, Fat Chants, rehearsing every three weeks only.
  • Cabaret Nights throughout the year for all private singing students.

If you love to sing, then you are suitable!

No worries..., it’s like riding a bicycle, you never forget how..., you only get a little rusty. We’ll polish you up and make you shine!

No. All harmony parts are professionally recorded for you in a studio and provided to all Sing City members for you to learn with and practice at home. Each harmony part is recorded separately. Laura also offers basic music reading instruction at Sing City rehearsals.

Most movement is done by the front row only, so if you love to dance, let us know. We do like to include everyone for at least a couple of songs each season and you’ll be surprised how everyone gets into it!

We range from 18 and up, and have a very even balance of ages throughout.

Yes, you should try your best to do so. We provide you with recorded harmony parts, to help you learn and practise at home. You’ll find it really helps, as the more confident you feel, the more fun you’ll have! Choir members often get together with their new choir friends to make practicing more fun and social.

You are still most welcome and we’ll hope you can join us next time! Notice must be given upon registration.

Please contact Sing City by e-mail at singcity@live.ca and we will answer you personally, usually within a day or two.

Email us at singcity@live.ca with any questions