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Laura Lang Bio

LAURA LANG started singing at the tender age of four, singing on her first radio show when she was just six years old and has never stopped singing since. Laura started teaching voice, harmony, guitar and piano while still in high school after which she continued on to advanced education, graduating in three voice majors - Opera, Jazz and Performance.

Laura’s professional career then took her all over the world from Las Vegas and Philadelphia, to Nassau, Aruba, and Tokyo, headlining a variety of multi-million dollar casino shows, performing solo cabaret acts on cruise ships, and headlining in theatres, five-star hotel lounges and show rooms worldwide as a singer, dancer, and pianist.

Laura’s educational background, coupled with a highly successful performing career, is an unbeatable formula for coaching – Laura is a well known and popular singing and piano teacher with a large roster of students (Voice Lessons).

A vocal harmony expert, Laura has taught harmony and led choirs for groups of adults and children for the Vancouver School Board, Community Centres, adult weekend music retreats and workshops (e.g. the “Georgia Straight Guitar Workshop” adult weekend retreat), the Sarah McLachlan Outreach Project, as well as many private and community groups.

In 2007, Laura founded SING CITY to share her love of singing, and give others the opportunity to take it to the next level by performing in front of an audience. Due to Laura’s reputation within Vancouver’s music scene and her proven expertise, SING CITY has grown immensely since 2007 and has become a unique, popular and highly regarded musical force in the local choir scene.

Laura is excited to announce she has just started a vocal harmony trio which she is leading and singing in. So new we haven’t yet got a name! At present we have about seven or eight singers who will be rotating in with Laura. If there are any very experienced singers interested in being in the rotation, just let us know. We do mostly jazz and funk, but branch out a bit as well.