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From our most recent season:

“Just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed being with Sing City this year. The rehearsals, the people, the music: it was all incredible. Then the show! I’ve been in theatre productions before, but I've never sung on stage. It was, as Woody Allen says, about as much fun as you can have with your clothes on.”

Chris - Tenor – Downtown

“I’ve just listened to all of the links on the Sing City videos page and I am thrilled, astonished, and amazed at how fantastic we sound. And it is all thanks to you! Both of you - Pam for your unending patience, kindness and technical guidance and Laura for your inspired direction, loving care and exquisite skill at bringing out the best in us. I know there must have been times when you thought you would never get us performance ready, but you persevered (as you always do) and somehow you got us there. We rose to the occasion and we pulled it off. Yay us! Yay you!”

Jane - Alto - Downtown

“Thank you both so much for a great season. It was lots of fun to sing, laugh, and meet wonderful new people; - and I think we all learned a LOT more about singing, too! I thought we had a fabulous concert - my daughter actually looked a bit taken aback; who knew mom could be part of something so exciting?”

Susan - Soprano - N. Shore

“This is the most beautiful thing you can offer your choir members - the chance to make new friends in later life. My closest friends these days are almost all people I met through Sing City.”

Alistair - Baritone - Downtown

“My family and friends were blown away by the show, even my 93 year old mother-in-law was really captivated. Her little face was right where I could see her, and although she is legally blind she had the happiest expression on her face.

I want to thank both of you for giving me the opportunity to sing with you, and for all that I have learned. I have never before done any singing, except for my children when they were little. It’s been such a pleasure!!! I can hardly wait to start up again in September!”

Louise - Alto - N. Shore

“Over the last 25 years I have performed in many, many shows and competitions. But I can’t recall one as exciting, satisfying, and so well received as last night’s. Thank you.”

Peter – Tenor – Downtown

“I am so happy to have found Sing City, this season has been a revelation, I met amazing people and had the opportunity to enjoy my Tuesday nights. It is with great sadness that I am not going downtown tonight because the season is over. I can’t wait to see you back in September for another great season!”

Gwen - Soprano – Downtown

“Hello Laura & Pam – This is just a quick note to congratulate the two of you for your efforts to bring together such a diverse group of people and train & encourage them to be singers and able perform in the manner they did at Holy Trinity Church. I was thrilled to see how much my wife enjoyed her experience, as were our children. Going in with modest expectations, we found ourselves really enjoying what you and the group were able to perform – thus having our expectations thoroughly exceeded. It was a pleasure to witness your group of ladies and men feel so wonderful about what they were able to produce when it counted. To me, this demonstrates great leadership, organization, and encouragement from the two of you. Bravo!”

Barry - Appreciative husband of Sing City member!


“You and your choir knocked me out! The arrangements, the choice of material, the pitch! Sterling.”
“Wow, what a surprise...I found it to be a very uplifting group. You (Laura) are a fearless leader and are so into what you’re doing and your performance was wonderful..., an excellent singer. It was worth every penny and next year when you are at your year’s end of rehearsals and all, I would love to see your amazing group perform again.”
“We attended the concert on Saturday and we were blown away with the quality of the performance.”
“I’ve been watching Sing City on YouTube for a while (and sending the link to everyone I know) but last night was the first time I’ve attended a concert. I started smiling before the choir began to sing and smiled to the end, with a brief interlude of uncontrollable tears in the most moving version that your conductor, Laura Lang sang of “Fix You”, I’ve ever heard. I hope last night’s concert goes up on YouTube.”
“From a long-time professional entertainer and frequent special guest with many choirs in town: You rock baby. What jolly fun. I love your choir. I think they’re THE BEST in Vancouver. You have such great material, fab arrangements and they sound and look wonderful. Thanks again so much for asking me. It’s always a grand evening. The audience you bring in is lovely and so welcoming, as are your dear singers.”